With the 2015 Calgary Stampede just around the corner, we can’t help but think about the possible devastating effect it can have on your business – and revenues!

When you really think about it, how can you enjoy the most dangerous 8 seconds in sports if your network isn’t prepared for the disruption caused by these large snorting, drooling creatures?!

I’m talking about IT trolls of course – why on earth would you worry about the bulls?

Caffeinated Computer Consulting will check your IT system to make sure it’s secure and responsive to your every command in the case of an emergency – letting you enjoy the legendary Stampede parties!

This mandatory system review will let you:

  1. Thanks to your remote access systems being set up, you can work from home – The perfect cure for a Stampede hangover you know is in your future!
  2. You can access your email securely via your mobile device, meaning you can enjoy the stampede breakfasts a little longer than usual.
  3. Make sure your VoIP phone systems are set up, so that you can sneak off to the rodeo during the day and still receive all of those necessary calls.

Take the bull by the horns and book your Pre-Stampede IT Review today.

Call (403) 775-7444 or email us at info@caffeinatedinc.net.