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Technology is constantly changing and many business owners struggle to keep up.

That’s where your network support team comes in: we continue to grow and change based on our clients’ needs.

Although we’re always growing and changing, we continue to maintain a foundation built on strong values and relationships. To help you understand where you’ll go with at your side, we turned to our CEO, Jon VanDyke, to explain our story:

Why did you found Caffeinated Computer Consulting?

Caffeinated started out of frustration with the existing IT service providers I was working with. The mid-level of service and lack of relationship and understanding the providers had with the clients left a bad taste in my mouth.

So what better way to clear the bad taste out of my mouth than with a good cup of coffee? That’s how Caffeinated started. I knew the fundamentals of good service were to build a lasting relationship with clients and to understand their values and goals. I wanted to deliver a marriage of IT with those values and goals with similar values and goals. So I took that goal and ran with it.

Why should I work with Caffeinated Computer Consulting?

The value we bring to each and every company we work with is difficult to narrow down to a couple sentences. Let’s break down the value of working with us into two big benefits: cost and relationship.

  • Cost: With us, you get the full, I.T. Department package and a greater return on your IT investment.
  • Relationship: Your needs, wants, and requirements will come before anything else.

With Caffeinated you will experience a best in class experience with the knowledge, experience, and unsurpassed quality unlike any other. That’s why we only want to work with business owners that understand their business and know that technology can play a huge role in maintaining, reaching, and exceeding their goals. We want you to build a strong relationship with us, communicate with us, and lean on us like you would with any valued member of your team.

What makes Caffeinated different from other I.T. providers I could work with?

We take great pride in the work we do, and money isn’t our primary objective. I know that might sound cliche, but it’s true! Our company succeeds because of its reputation, and the way we maintain our excellent good name is by focusing on our clients’ needs first.

That’s why we’ve listened to our clients’ feedback and developed better solutions to give results YOU need:

  • A single point of contact with a live person to answer each call.
  • A process and a toolset to deliver each and every client with the basic requirements to protect and serve their company.
  • A feedback system allowing us to grow and change based on our client’s wants and needs, not on our own ideals.

When we say we’re here for you, we genuinely mean it. We know you’ll be amazed by our service and rave about us to your friends, and that’s how we’ll thrive in today’s market. It’s all about service, not about milking someone for every last dollar.

Discover the difference that the right Managed I.T. support team makes with Caffeinated Computer Consulting.

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