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Calgary Oil & Gas IT Services Company Caffeinated Computer Consulting Works With CEC North Star Ltd. Providing IT Services Producing Stable Business Outcomes.

CEC North Star Ltd. is a well-known oil and gas company that is based in Calgary, Canada. For the past four years they have proven their position in the resource exploration arena, and have built a tremendous reputation for themselves on a multinational podium.

Bill Tighe is the owner of this outstanding start-up company, and a valued client of Caffeinated Computer Consulting for over 10 years. In the following, Tighe will elaborate on his experience with Caffeinated Computer Consulting over the years, as well as his hardships prior to our entrance.

You Must Crawl Before You Can Walk

Initially, Tighe had contacted Caffeinated Computer Consulting to assist him with his setup needs for CEC North Star. He was in need of many technologies and on-going IT services to maintain the demanding infrastructure of a multinational company.

To ensure the survival of CEC North Star, it was vital that we introduce a:

  • Network security platform
  • Continuity Plan
  • Remote Management/Monitoring system for crisis support

“Caffeinated Computer Consulting is essential to the security and integrity of our operation. They make sure we have the correct virus checkers and firewalls up. We have a lot of confidential information that is protected behind those firewalls – in the case of a breach the losses would be very large. We have millions of dollars worth of confidential information – we’d lose assets to the company.” Explains Tighe.

You Must Walk Before You Can Run

The technological solution for CEC North Star included the implementation of a variety of technologies and services such as:

  • Remote Management and Monitoring
  • Threat Management (per device, mailbox, and at the parameter)
  • Datto Business continuity
  • Onsite & Remote support,
  • vCIO
  • All of the above is included in our BOLD package (ask for details)

Originally CEC North Star was setup with the Small Business Server 2011 that was hosted on VMWare. However, over the years their business requirements changed and was in need of upgrades – their entire network was then migrated over to the Server 2012 R2 Essentials and Exchange 2013 On-Premise combination.

“Caffeinated Computer Consulting takes time to find out where we are and where we’re going to be in the next few years. They make recommendations on the server, configuration, upgrades, security, hardware and software. They take their time to find out who we are and where we’re going – then give us advice on how to get there.” Says Tighe.

Now Sprint!

Caffeinated Computer Consulting has worked with Bill Tighe and his team since 2005 on his assorted business ventures. We greatly value our relationship on both a business and personal level – Caffeinated Computer Consulting prides ourselves on being a company that truly cares about our clients business’ rather than looking for a paycheque.

“Caffeinated Computer Consulting has been our IT support for over 10 years. They deliver consistent and reliable IT support, and provided great advice over the years. They make sure that they know everybody by name, and what they’re having problems with.” Explains Tighe.

What’s your excuse when people ask why you continue to change IT companies?

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