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Caffeinated came in with an eye-opening report regarding our vulnerabilities. They literally came to our rescue! The company we used previously didn’t provide a robust program. Caffeinated did. They beefed up our security and backups so we no longer worry about information leaks or data availability. Plus, Caffeinated made the transition smooth and painless. Jon and Rick provided a comprehensive reporting system, so we’re continually informed about the status of our IT. If there’s an issue, all we have to do is send a quick email, or make a phone call, and they’re here right away!

— Tammy Botsford, Systems and Office Manager – CUI

“You want a relationship with your IT provider. You want them to know how you operate, know your people, know how to improve your productivity – and that’s what we have with Caffeinated Computer Consulting. I feel like a have a full toolbox with them – I get great service.”

— Boyd Geisler, H2O Systems

“We have to make sure that we follow legislation, and spam laws. From a security perspective we need to report revenues in and out because in our field integrity is important. This information needs to be secure and protected.”

— George Krottner, Executive Pastor – McKenzie Towne
George Krottner, Executive Pastor – McKenzie Towne

“Caffeinated Computer Consulting is essential to the security and integrity of our operation. They make sure we have the correct virus checkers and firewalls up. We have a lot of confidential information that is protected behind those firewalls – in the case of a breach the losses would be very large. We have millions of dollars worth of confidential information – we’d lose assets to the company.”

— Bill Tighe, CEC North Star Ltd.

With the problems we had, and the rate of efficiency that company exuded in coming in and fixing the problems in our time of need – I’d recommend them to anyone, They’re a great company, they’re very responsive, and I found owner and his team to be incredibly available and helpful. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

— Michael Person, CEO

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