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Almost every business has competitors, and trust me, they would be more than happy to get their paws on your information.

You probably don’t realize how easy it is for someone to gain access to your records by simply downloading an Internet program. They can gain instant access to your usernames and passwords, customer files, accounting data, and anything else of value to them. This type of information breach can instantly destroy your business, and more importantly, your reputation.

You Might Have a Doppelganger Out There

It’s not always your competitors who are looking to access your information. Criminals love to prey on smaller businesses that have not yet secured their network. They often set up their own wireless nodes pretending to be a part of your network – meaning every other nearby computer will try to connect with the strongest signal – yours! You may think that your business is too small to be a focus of criminal activity – but with that type of thinking you may as well leave your doors wide open at night. It’s just not smart business.

Your Customers Will Catch You With Your Pants Down

Should your network come under attack, there’s a really good chance that your customers will hear about it. Not only will this damage your reputation, but if your customers personal information is compromised, you better believe you’ll be in BIG trouble!

Not only can they come after you legally, but also there’s a good chance they’ll bring their business elsewhere. It’s really not worth the headache – secure your network.

You’ll Need Too Keep An Eye On Your Bank Account

A data breach can lead to major concerns in terms of your finances. If a criminal gains access to your financial information, the problems rarely end at that realization. If funds are tampered with, you better believe that your bank will have a bone to pick with you. You may think you’re covered for fraud, until it actually comes down to your financial institution paying up. They’ll search for any loop-hole not to!

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